NGD Seattle has announced the release of an updated version of the Visual Token Designer, now available to download on the VS Code marketplace.

Designed to work with the InterWork Alliance’s Token Taxonomy Framework, the Token Designer enables interaction with different artifacts in the taxonomy. Users can combine different pieces of token functionality or generalized behaviors to create their own token specifications.

The new update makes token properties and sets modifiable, allowing for the creation of custom token definitions.

The new Visual Token Designer release includes the ability to customize token properties, a feature that was absent in the initial preview version. Making properties modifiable allows the creation of new token definitions, for example, one token may specify a higher degree of divisibility than another.

Property sets, such as the standard SKU set, can also be modified via the “Make Changes” option. This makes various fields editable, including aliases, examples, comments, and included properties. These changes will allow entities to expand existing sets to meet their own requirements.