Neo Global Development (NGD) has announced the release of a new Neo2 node version, v2.11.0, which will be rolled out onto the Neo2 TestNet on August 12th.

The new update focuses on supporting cross-chain functionality, featuring changes to the mechanism used by consensus nodes to sign and broadcast the state root. The state root can be used to verify the correctness of a node and the information it has recorded, such as current token balances for a certain address.

This is important for cross-chain applications, which need to be able to verify that transactions have been executed as expected. In the new neo-cli version, the state root will be signed and broadcast as part of the message generated during the third “commit” phase of consensus.

v2.11.0 also includes an update to the RpcSystemAssetTracker module, provided as one of the optional Neo plugins. The new getutxotransfers method has been added to the plugin, allowing a full list of UTXO transaction records for a provided address.

The new method can be used to retrieve records for NEO, GAS, or both, and supports an optional timestamp parameter where a desired time range for records may be specified.

NGD has noted that the Neo2 TestNet will be undergoing a coordinated update between CN operators between 8:00 am and 11:00 am GMT on August 12th, during which time the network may be unstable. The Neo2 MainNet will also eventually be updated to the new node version after testing is completed.

The updated Neo2 node software may be downloaded at the following link: