NOWNodes, a provider of blockchain node API services, has recently integrated Neo N3 into its offerings. This addition allows developers to access the Neo N3 network more easily, facilitating interaction with this and other major blockchain networks through dedicated RPC nodes.

The service provided by NOWNodes is aimed at alleviating the burden of maintaining node infrastructure for developers working across various blockchain networks. NOWNodes highlights its service reliability, guaranteed uptime, and around-the-clock technical support for all supported networks. The service operates without imposing rate limits on requests.

To utilize NOWNodes’ services, users need an API key, which is available upon opening a free account. The free plan, limited to a one-month duration, allows up to 100,000 requests. For extended requirements, there is an entry-level plan at €20, offering up to a million requests per month. Payments for these plans can be made via credit card or cryptocurrency.

Currently, the NOWNodes API for Neo N3 supports a selection of basic requests such as getblock, getrawtransaction, and sendrawtransaction. However, it does not support contract test invocation tools or plugin-based operations such as those from the TokensTracker or StateService modules.

Developers interested in using NOWNodes for accessing Neo N3 can sign up for a free API key at the link provided: