After a long discourse with Apple, the O3 iOS wallet has finally been re-approved and pushed into the AppStore. The O3 Wallet is built by O3 Labs based in Japan, and includes features such as a portfolio growth tracker, NEP-5 token support, TouchID passcode protection and ‘watch only’ functionality for users who would like to monitor cold wallets.

O3 Labs originally published the wallet to the AppStore last year, which was subsequently approved by Apple and pushed live on October 31st, 2017. However, upon trying to deploy a small update to the app a few weeks later, O3 was taken down by Apple, citing breaches in store guidelines.

Naturally, the O3 Labs team was surprised to receive such a notice as they had made no significant changes to the app since initial approval. The O3 wallet had already grown a small user base of approximately 2000 users, and the inability to push updates to the app could have potentially put user’s funds at risk. What had seemed like a mistake on Apple’s part was, in fact, very intentional, and O3 Labs had to submit an formal appeal to get the app back on the store. A petition was started to support the republishing of the app which gained 847 signatures.

On January 17th, 2018, O3 decided to relaunch the O3 iOS app via TestFlight, which required users to submit their email and receive an invitation to download the application. An Android version was also published as part of the relaunch.

However, after months of continuous back and forth with Apple, the O3 wallet has finally been republished to the AppStore. This is of great convenience to the NEO community, as O3 is the only available wallet option for iOS users. The app can be downloaded from the following link.

For anyone who was using the TestFlight version of the wallet, O3 Labs have put out instructions on how to migrate to the AppStore version at this link –