O3 Labs, creators of the O3 mobile wallet, has published its monthly report for May. The report and outlines progress, achievements, and groundwork for future plans.

One of the biggest undertakings of May was the upgrading of O3 infrastructure to support increased traffic. O3, like many NEO light wallets, previously relied on publicly available APIs in order to facilitate transactions. The growth of NEO has put increased strain on this public infrastructure, which caused outages on the O3 wallet. O3 Labs made significant upgrades to the O3 application and replaced it with infrastructure that it hopes will “help us move faster in the future, and improve the stability of our service, and by proxy the NEO blockchain”.

Additional application updates from May included:

  • Updated GAS claiming design for Android in version 1.7.2
  • Release of version 1.4.1 for iPhone, solving multiple bugs and stabilizing the app.
  • Removal of the ‘+ add NEP5 token’ function. All tokens now appear automatically when the user’s balance is higher than 0.
  • Release of Japanese and Chinese iOS versions

O3 also facilitated what it claims to the best of its knowledge is “the first token sale to ever have an interface directly from a mobile device”. O3 Labs partnered with Asura Coin to allow investors to participate in its token sale through the O3 mobile wallet. O3 will also support the Spotcoin token sale along with others in the future.

Priorities outlined for June include the implementation of NEP-9 functionality and push notifications upon receiving tokens.

NEP-9 is a NEO enhancement proposal authored by O3 Labs that will standardise a URI format, allowing applications to implement QR codes and payment links. This will enable smoother transactions between apps in scenarios such as purchasing from an online store. A demo on the NEP-9 functionality can be found here – https://o3.network/nep9/

Push notifications on receipt of tokens have already been implemented into the iOS version of the O3 mobile wallet, and will soon be added to Android.

Extending beyond June will be the redesign of the O3 UI as it moves towards becoming the “O3 Marketplace”, which will allow users to “explore and participate in the NEO ecosystem”. The GAS claiming updates on Android marked the beginning of this process, which will be continually rolled out over the coming months. A preview of the updates can be found here.

Finally, O3 stated they are “collaborating with certain projects to give our users access to special airdrops”, and are encouraging people to sign up to their mailing list to keep up to date.

The full report can be found at the below link.

More information on O3 can be found at the below links.