CoZ have announced on Reddit they are no longer supporting versions of the Neon Wallet below 0.0.5. This means that if you are using version 0.0.4 or below, you’ll need to upgrade to continue using Neon. All APIs for older versions have been turned off.

The move has been prompted by a number of users incorrectly sending NEO and GAS funds to LTC and BTC addresses. Safeguards have been put in place in v0.0.5 to prevent losing funds via user error.

The PSA from CoZ can be found below.

Given the number of people who have reported sending Neo to BTC or LTC addresses in 0.0.3, we have upgraded the API routes for 0.0.5, and now turned off the old API for earlier versions. Older versions of Neon will still show your balance but they will not be able to send Neo or Gas.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but someone just sent 4000 Neo to a LTC address using 0.0.3 and that was the last straw for us–we don’t want anyone else losing money through user error. Later versions prevent users from harming themselves in this way.

Please update to 0.0.5!

Installation files for Neon 0.0.5 can be found on the CoZ Github –

All crypto users should be reminded to check and double check addresses before making a transaction. If sending a large amount of funds, it is recommended to send a small test transaction first to ensure your details are correct.

A tutorial video on new Neon 0.0.5 features can be found below.