Rentfuse Labs has published Neonova, a new open source tool for users in the Neo ecosystem. The Neonova GUI makes it easy to invoke as well as deploy or update Neo N3 smart contracts.

Designed with developers in mind, Neonova can be accessed in a web browser or downloaded for local operation. The service runs using RPC nodes on TestNet and MainNet, and offers support for NeoLine, O3, and WalletConnect-compatible wallets such as Neon.

Fetching NFT properties from the HumswapBowls contract using Neonova

Neonova is the second major open source contribution released by the Rentfuse Labs. It’s also one of the first applications to make use of the neo-wallet-adapter library, the first open source tool published by the team.

On the Invocation tab, developers can specify whether they want to perform a read or write operation, with the latter requiring a connected wallet. A contract scripthash and target operation can be specified along with any typed arguments needed to perform the invocation.

In the second tab, users can import a contract NEF and Manifest file in order to deploy smart contracts directly. Alternatively, a scripthash for a contract to be updated can also be specified, allowing the tool to be used to update existing contracts.

Developers can download Neonova from the repository on Github at the link below: