Warnings were posted by both the NEO Council and City of Zion after a code review revealed that myneowallet(.io) contained “phishing practices”. The warning posted by the NEO Council on Reddit can be found below.

To all members of the NEO community

There have recently been reports from the community against a specific NEO wallet, https://www.mynxxxxxlet.io/(DO NOT USE). The NEO team has tested the wallet and can confirm that the wallet contains phishing practices.

Do not, in any form, use this wallet, for it may result in the loss of your assets.

We would also like to remind all members of the community to beware of phishing wallets. If you find any suspicious practice or false information regarding NEO, please contact NEO and/or inform the community through one of the means below:

NEO website


Twitter: https://twitter.com/neo_blockchain


Email: contact@neo.org

NEO Team


City of Zion sent out their warning via a Tweet.

Links – https://www.reddit.com/r/NEO/comments/6wply8/ann_beware_phishing_wallets/