Trinity is an off chain state channel network for NEO, similar to Ethereum’s Lightning Network, designed to achieve real-time payment, low transaction fees, scalability, and privacy protection of NEO mainnet assets. Using state channels, Trinity does not use the blockchain as the main processing layer for transactions. Instead, complicated computing operations are transacted off network and sent back the the mainnet as the settlement layer.

Trinity released the following introductory video today.

Trinity is led by David Yiling Li, a former NEO overseas manager who led the Antshares global token sale campaign in 2016. Other co-founders include Guangfeng Zhang, who has worked for the CBPM (China Banknote Printing and Minting Corp) Blockchain Research Institute, and Fengping Yi, who is the former director of government affairs at Shanghai Onchain Technologies Ltd. and former vice director of Tongji University Fintech and Blockchain Research Institute. Zhoudong Ji, who is chief strategist of Ontology is also an advisor.

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