City of Zion today announced the winners of their first ever dApp competition, which saw developers receive over $270,000 in GAS prizes. The competition was held to encourage programmers to start developing on the NEO platform, and help build out the NEO ecosystem. Each winner received 1350 GAS, of which at least 500 GAS will be used to deploy their dApp to the mainnet.

First place went to “NEO Smart IoT”, an application that allows IoT devices to accept payments after performing an action, without middle man taking a cut of the profits.

All submissions were required to have a working minimal viable product, and the smart contract code was required to be MIT licensed and properly documented. The remainder of the business logic or supporting features around it were allow to be fully proprietary.

NEO News Today will be running a series on the winning entries over the coming weeks to further explore these new additions to the NEO ecosystem. Through these articles, we hope readers will gain a better insight into the achievements of these early NEO developers, and encourage new developers to come to the platform.

City of Zion Council member, afong, was impressed with the quality of work that was delivered by the development community.

“Our very first dApps competition was an undertaking that we were both very excited and nervous about. Due to the very early nature of the ecosystem, we were uncertain about the level of quality of dApps we could expect, or even that we would have ten qualified submissions. It turned out that we had nothing to worry about – our developer community rose to the challenge and smashed even our highest expectations. The quality of submissions and number of groundbreaking methods people came up with really surprised and impressed us, and by the end of judging, I found myself wishing we could award twice as many people. As you read through these dApp deep dives over the course of the following weeks, keep in mind that no matter what place they were in, they are all of very good quality. Their scores were all very close, and every single one deserved to be awarded.

Neo’s greatest strength has always been its community, and this competition proves it more than ever. Looking to the future, we hope and expect to see more of these kinds of achievements from our community developers in the coming months”


The winners are listed below.

1st: NEO Smart IoT

By: hal0x2328, phetter

Visit NEO Smart IoT
NEO Smart IoT GitHub

We saw two primary benefits to smart contracts when we first learned about them — the first is being able to accept micropayments with low or no fees, and second, being able to programmatically define when and how events should take place in the real world in a deterministic and verifiable way. Neo Smart IoT incorporates both of these ideas, drawing on our experience with inexpensive IoT devices like the NodeMCU to make it easy to simply accept a payment to do a “thing”, with no middleman taking a cut of the profits.

2nd: imusify

By: DavidWalters123, geek96, Nikolaj-K, metachris

Visit imusify
imusify GitHub

imusify is a free, blockchain based, incentified and decentralized platform for music related digital content such as audio, video, apps, images, and blogging where anyone can join, contribute and get paid $IMU.

3rd: Chain Line

By: notatestuser

Visit Chain Line
Chain Line GitHub

The project aims to solve problems of availability and price inconsistencies of products through creation of a global, trustless, peer-to-peer network of couriers coordinating with a smart contract.

4th: BlockAuth

By: revett

BlockAuth Demo
BlockAuth GitHub
White Paper

BlockAuth allows users to login (authenticate) to apps and websites by invoking a NEO smart contract from a NEO address tied to the user’s account. It aims to be the Blockchain OpenID.

5th: Phantasma

By: Relfos

Visit Phantasma
Phantasma GitHub
Phantasma Demo

Phantasma is a platform where the users control their own content, instead of relying in third parties servers. The platform support any kind of transactions between users, eg: email, chat, files, money transfers. NEO was used for this project due to its fast transactions and C# support, combined with IPFS (a distributed file system) to store the actual messages, encrypted with the keys from the NEO wallets.

6th: NeoTrade

By: birmas

Visit NeoTrade
NeoTrade GitHub

Inspired by Etherdelta, NeoTrade is a NEO based smart contract that allows users to deposit NEO, GAS or any other NEP-5 asset directly to the smart contract and trade amongst themselves.

7th: Turing Complete Smart Contract

By: Nikolaj-K

YouTube Introduction
Turing Complete Smart Contract GitHub

This was the second programming language (a year after the lambda calculus, 1935) that was shown to be what is today called computationally universal and that’s a feature now found in most popular languages. The idea is to upload code routines to the intetnal storage in a way that they can be executed from within. The demonstrated concept enables, for the chosen modules of the smart contract, a re-programming even after a contract has been deployed to the blockchain.


By: MediaServe

YouTube Demonstration

KRYPTON is a decentralized version of Skype, where your wallet is your identity. With KRYPTON you can register your identity (public address) on any available provider and communicate with other identities. Communication includes voice calling, direct messaging and directly sending money. Just like Skype you can also make outbound voice calls (PSTN) if you have some credit. The difference here is that you can use any provider and the credit will stay in your wallet, under your control. This makes switching provider easier than ever.

9th: Switcheo

By: RavenXce, henrychua, jackyeu

Visit Switcheo
Switcheo Github
YouTube Introduction

Switcheo is a decentralised exchange built on NEO’s blockchain. It supports trading of NEP-5 tokens and NEO system assets like GAS & NEO. It aims to be a truly decentralised exchange while still providing for a superb user experience.

10th: TripShares

By: xtolya

Visit TripShares
TripShares Github

This dApp is made for people which are confident in their travel plans. Drivers can make a higher deposit to be sure a trip will happen, passengers can search for higher deposit trips. So everyone will be happy in any case. With the smart contract as broker you don’t need a reliable middleman to hold deposit and solve disputes.

Honourable Mentions

Smart Promise

By: SergeyAnkarenko, marlyonya

Visit Smart Promise
Smart Promise Github
White Paper
YouTube Demonstration

Smart Promise is an electronic journal of smart promises developed through Blockchain. User of such an environment receives a reward for each of his fulfilled promises. The concept of the idea contains the possibility to get a strong motivation to action that user pointed in promise.

Sunny dApp

By: JorritvandenBerg

Visit Sunny dApp

The contract I created unlocks funds to a user on basis of input of an oracle. This can serve as an example for many use-cases in which a pay out depends on such input.