On October 25th, 2018, NEO Global Development (NGD) hosted a NEO meetup in St. Petersburg, Russia, which was oriented towards an audience of developers. The event featured a development workshop, deployment of smart contracts to TestNet, and a question and answer session.

In attendance at the meetup were Johnson Zhao and Peter Lin – NGD general manager and NEO R&D director, respectively – to provide insight and perspective on digital asset management via smart contracts. Additionally, Vladimir Tikhomirov, CEO of MyWish, an easy-to-use smart contract launching platform, also attended.

In total, 171 individuals registered for the event, 110 individuals claimed they have experience with blockchain solutions, and 80 people attended a hands-on, guided coding session. Vladimir noted in a Medium post that “it is clearly noticeable that blockchain is no longer a limited knowledge available for a small group of people”, and that the thirst for knowledge of blockchain technology at the event was high. He also relayed the sentiment that the audience was engaged and asked questions that sparked debates, further discussions, and interesting questions.

Topics of discussion included the NEO Smart Economy, how to receive assistance to promote NEO-based products, the NEO ecosystem fund, and developing applications on NEO. During the meetup, seven smart contracts were deployed to the NEO TestNet.

Looking forward, it is claimed that the NEO leadership team expressed an interest in partnering with MyWish to host future events. A hackathon was noted as a possibility, which would be open to developers, graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and marketing specialists.

Vladimir Tikhomirov’s full post can be found at the link below: