The following is a report by the NEO Council on the NEO Blockchain Programming Day held in Beijing on October 28th.

Beijing’s first NEO Blockchain Programming Day – A huge success!

Even as the chilling autumn winds blew fiercely in Beijing, it did little to quell the insatiable hunger for learning that consumed every programmer. On October 28th, on the 5th floor of Block E, Phase 2, Ocean International Center, 210 Ziyun Temple in Beijing, a group of programmers gathered, responding to the assembly call of “NEO Blockchain Programming Day”.

The NEO Blockchain Programming Day is a training activity run by the NEO community, in response to the growing interest from developers who seek to learn more about blockchain development and smart contracts. Through a carefully designed course, a senior technical instructor guides students through the content, allowing every student to quickly get up-to-speed, and improve their blockchain programming skills.

To begin with, instructor Tan Yuan (Onchain smart contract core developer & NEO NEP5 token standard co-author) gave a brief introduction on the overall development of the NEO platform and its active developer community. Afterwards, he focused on the theme of the course, which was “smart contract programming”. Tan Yuan outlined the scope of the course content, which included the use of C# to write and program NEO smart contracts, an explanation of smart contract API, smart contract deploy and call functions, and a description on potential smart contract use-cases. As the talk by Tan Yuan drew to a close, the course participants were quickly organised, and shortly thereafter began actual smart contract development.

The NEO Blockchain Programming Day attracted a large number of local developers and blockchain enthusiasts within Beijing who enjoy participating in these workshop-style activities. The developers were able to listen to the lessons taught in a lecture format, and put them into practice with actual smart contract development, under the careful guidance from the course lecturers.

To finish with, there was a free-and-easy session where lecturers and students engaged in casual conversations. Lecturers listened keenly to any course feedback from the students, and responded to questions. At the same time, students were able to engage in enthusiastic discussion, and share experiences with their peers. We believe that Beijing NEO Blockchain Programming Day was extremely fruitful for lecturers and students alike, and a number of participants expressed their desire to become NEO community developers. These new members of the NEO community will join the rapidly growing NEO ecosystem and accelerate the growth of the platform with their contributions. We look forward to the addition of more developers, bringing both technical expertise and vibrancy to the NEO community.

At present, the NEO Blockchain Programming Day has been successfully held in cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Beijing, where we have gained strong support from a large number of local NEO enthusiasts and developers. In the future, we will continue to visit other cities, and connect with NEO blockchain enthusiasts from around the country.

In addition, we have launched the NEO Community Talent Pool program, open to any developer who is interested in learning NEO blockchain technology. This program will provide developers with a common platform for growth of development skills, along with the opportunity to participate in the construction of the NEO ecosystem, bringing NEO to greater heights. For interested individuals, please click here and fill in your personal details. (Link is in Chinese)