Blockchain Summit Latam (BSL) 2018 will be held in Santiago, Chile on May 8 and 9. Tickets for the event can be purchased using Bitcoin or Ethereum through the event’s website at NEO is among the event sponsors. 

BSL seeks to unite developers, startups, companies, and organizations to gather, inform, and encourage blockchain development. An objective of the event is to connect developers and promoters of blockchain with industry leaders and regulators in Latin America.

Malcolm Lerider, NEO senior R&D manager, is among the key speakers and will deliver a keynote speech at 9:20am on May 9.

Hackathon and Workshop

BSL will host a hackathon where participants can opt to develop using their choice of various blockchain platforms. Hackathon challenges are divided among three industry fields: banking/finance, energy, and real estate and construction.

The banking and finance sector category will have challenges based on remittances, digital identity, and mortgage traceability. The energy sector category will include green certificates and energy storage. Lastly, the real estate and construction industry category will include smart contracts for real estate and construction, and real estate public registry challenges.

Prior to the hackathon, Fernando Diaz (known as @Shargon on NEO Discord) will host a NEO development workshop, which is scheduled to be held from 12:10pm to 12:40pm on May 8. Hackathon teams that develop on NEO can review the basics of developing on the platform here.

In addition to Fernando Diaz, the NeoResearch team will join the hackathon and assist projects who choose to develop on the NEO blockchain. NeoResearch was founded by scientific researchers Vitor Coehlo and Igor Coehlo, and aims to apply academic knowledge of debugging, optimization, and hyper computing fields to the NEO blockchain.

500 GAS will be rewarded to the best NEO project of the hackathon.

For more information about Blockchain Summit Latam, visit their website, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

NEO Meetup

NEO Community Chile has organized a meetup the evening before the conference begins. The meetup will gather international guests of the NEO and CoZ teams to discuss blockchain. Additionally, event hosts have inferred a surprise will be given to attendees.

The Meetup is scheduled take place from 7:00pm to 9:00pm on May 7 at the MosaiCafé Parque Araucano.

Registration is free and can be found here.