The fourth INNOxNEO developer meet up is scheduled for September 27th in Shanghai. The event is hosted by NEO and INNOSPACE+, an incubation platform and location of the NEO office. The event is open to anyone who is interested in blockchain development.

The theme of this INNOxNEO developer meeting is “A Global View of Blockchain Innovation and Tech Community Development”

Speaking at the event will be Malcolm – Senior R&D Manager of NEO Blockchain Community, and Fred Huang – Proofreader of English, Spanish and Portugese versions of NEO docs and programmer.

Previous INNOxNEO meetings topic have been “Smart Contract Application Scenarios and Case Studies”, “The right way to interpret blockchain technology” and “Blockchain construction and consensus mechanisms”

You can visit the event page here, and a translation can be found below.

Fourth INNOxNEO Developer Night|A Global View of Blockchain Innovation and Tech Community Development

Recent years have witnessed an increasing number of tech companies putting efforts into blockchain technology R&D and application scenario exploration. They seek active application of blockchain technology and work on extending application scenarios, which give impetus to blockchain technology innovation and application delivery. Meanwhile, with the world’s fast-growing Internet economy, blockchain technology has become a much-debated issue that attracts global attention. Blockchain technophiles from around the world are active in their interested blockchain tech communities and making great contributions.

The Fourth INNOxNEO Developer Night will present “A Global View of Blockchain Innovation and Tech Community Development”. On such occasion, participants will be invited to discuss the global development of blockchain technology, the most cutting-edge and potential blockchain innovations and the blockchain community culture. It is a good chance to feel the same love and passion for blockchain from different corners of the world.

Time: 19:00-21:00 Sept. 27, 2017

Venue: B2, INNOSPACE +, No. 77, Zhengxue Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai


– Opening remarks
– Guest Opinions: A Global View of Blockchain Innovations and Tech Community Development
– Q&A
– Free networking


Senior R&D Manager of NEO Blockchain Community
As a double master’s degree holder (International Industrial Engineering and Management, Computer Science and Engineering), he has long been engaged in software development and software project management. He once worked for world-renowned enterprises such as Accenture and Webpower as a Java software engineer, distributed software development manager and R&D manager with a good mastery of simulation and modeling, algorithm development, economic modeling and finding quick paths to complex problems.

Fred Huang
NEO overseas community operation
Proofreader of English, Spanish and Portugese versions of NEO docs, programmer

INNOxNEO Blockchain Opening Night

“INNOxNEO Blockchain Opening Night” is an event regularly held by INNOSPACE+ and NEO at INNOSPACE+ to provide a communication platform for blockchain community. Here you will have your chance to meet big shots from the blockchain field and talk to them face to face; you may get involved and inspired, witnessing and even contributing to the delivery of more blockchain projects.

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