Neo Global Development (NGD) recently hosted a Neo Live webinar with guest John deVadoss, head of NGD Seattle. After an introduction by NGD community operations specialist, Songping Que, deVadoss shared his perspective on the Neo3 Preview2 release.

The full NeoLive webinar can be viewed below.

Roadmap and Preview1

At the start of the presentation, deVadoss recapped the core vision for Neo3 laid out by Erik Zhang, Neo co-founder, in a development roadmap published in April, 2019. The roadmap provided early insights into powerful new functionality such as native contracts and the built-in oracle solutions.

deVadoss highlighted the intention to provide support for large-scale blockchain-based applications, a highly performant network and optimized smart contract system, and active collaboration with experts in academia and industry as key takeaways from the roadmap.

Following on, he outlined the components included as part of the Neo3 Preview1 release, such as the shift away from UTXO global assets to a contract-based account model for the native NEO and GAS tokens, enabled via native contracts.

Preview2 highlights

For the remainder of the webinar, deVadoss covered eight important changes in the new release that he believes users should be aware of, ranging from protocol and VM performance enhancements to new smart contract features such as permission control.

deVadoss showed particular interest in the more modular architecture adopted in Neo3. Decoupling the RPC module and adding support for user-defined modules brings with it interesting new possibilities for the Neo Blockchain Toolkit created by the NGD Seattle team:

“We found the decoupling of the RPC module particularly interesting, certainly very valuable to us as we build out the PrivateNet [neo-express] and the tooling behind it.”

To summarize Preview2, deVadoss noted the significant architectural optimizations to the Neo core and VM, higher applicability of NeoVM through its decoupling, and the improved flexibility of the Neo3 smart contract system.

A full list of changes including in Preview2 may be found at the following link: