Spotcoin has announced that it will sponsor the NEO Hackathon+ & Assembly that will be held September 28th – 30th in Tsbilisi, Georgia. The sponsorship of the event reportedly reflects Spotcoin’s “commitment to the blockchain community and expanding the Smart Economy with solutions to everyday problems.” The platform has also partnered with numerous private and government entities to co-sponsor the event, such as Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency and GEOLAB, which is part of the Georgian American University.

The key theme of the NEO Hackathon+ is to “explore ways to provide the Georgian government with process automation solutions that use blockchain hashing and time stamping to build and execute trust contracts,” with Spotcoin working in tandem with Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency to “explore blockchain technology solutions for the Georgian people.”

Spotcoin’s chief strategy officer, Sean Mulcahey will reportedly spearhead the hackathon and looks forward to exploring the opportunity the blockchain holds for public enterprise: “Our intention is to develop a public-private partnership to deliver value even beyond the hackathon event,” Mulcahey said.

The event will be set against the backdrop of the Georgian government’s exploration into blockchain technology to “streamline the process of real estate transactions,” which reportedly builds on a prior initiative to “move land deed transfers to the blockchain – one of the first known uses of blockchain by a national government.” To enable these goals, the use of smart contracts has been proposed to “address financial concerns, reduce wrongful manipulation or fraud, and increase trust.”

At the conclusion of the hackathon, a panel of judges will decide on the winning application. After this selection process is over, there will be a further process, with Spotcoin stating: “The winning application will then be considered for further development and incubation to a viable state for implementation with the support of project partners.  Each organizing partner will support planning for the project and will provide resources to help make the project a success according to resource contributions coordinated by the Project Working Group.”

Registration and selection criteria for the hackathon will be announced once the details have been finalized. The community can follow Spotcoin’s Facebook and Telegram accounts for further updates.

The event itself will consist of three parts: an Assembly, Hackathon and Marathon. In a separate press-kit released by Spotcoin, the Assembly is described as the following: “[The Assembly] is a one-day forum to explore opportunities and develop blockchain technology infrastructure for the new smart economy. The event connects innovators and leaders from the global NEO community to share expertise and perspectives in a collective spirit. It is a unique opportunity for an in-depth exploration of ideas, challenges, and practical considerations as each participating stakeholder looks to the future of a blockchain-enabled economy in the Black Sea region.”

Additionally, The Assembly will reportedly feature collaborations, network activities and a NEO project “minifair” event. The overall goal of the Assembly for the NEO ecosystem is to “create a foothold in the Georgian Government to further shape the future blockchain use cases and assist in the development of blockchain-friendly legislation. The assembly will foster joint projects that advance Georgia’s national strategy in a mutually-beneficial scenario.”

The Marathon – a literal 10 kilometre running event – intends to “bring together NEO community members and NEO project leaders in a unique way to promoting teamwork, individual success and strength of character.” The event will be covered by both local and international news publications and there will also be an opportunity for runners to give interviews.


The following working group attendees of the event have been confirmed at the time of writing:

  • Tamuna Kakhetelidze: Spotcoin ICO community manager
  • Alexi Amniashvili: GeoLab information technology manager
  • Sean Mulcahey: Spotcoin chief strategy officer
  • Joshua Chen: Spotcoin technical consultant
  • Sandro Asatiani: GeoLab IT team member
  • Shorena Kikaleishvili: Spotcoin head of Legal Department
  • Ani Kurdadze: Spotcoin Telegram community specialist
  • Zurab Dzidziguri: GITA consultant


Registration for the Hackathon will begin at 19:00 on September 28th and will conclude with an award ceremony at 18:00 September 30th.

The Assembly will start and run concurrently for one day with the hackathon on September 28th, with opening remarks scheduled for 10:00.

The Marathon is scheduled for 07:30, September 30th.

More information on Spotcoin can be found at the links below.