Trinity will co-organize the NFTs (Non-Fungible Token standard) and Blockchain Gaming Event to be held on the 3rd of May, 2018 at The Black Swan, Singapore. Other organisers include Decentraland, Etheremon, Zeppelin, and InWecrypto. At the event, the founders of these projects will discuss the latest in non-fungible digital assets and blockchain games.

David Li, founder of Trinity Protocol, announced their intention to build a Non-Fungible Token standard at the NEO APAC tour meet up held in South Korea.  A fungible asset means that it is divisible, like NEP-5 tokens or the US dollar, and the value of like assets is always the same. Each NFT on the other hand, will have different properties from other NFTs and each represents a different underlying asset.

An NFT standard for NEO would allow people to tokenize real-world assets like real estate and automobile ownership. In Trinity’s vision, any asset can become tokenized with metadata embedded into the code of the token, to differentiate NFTs and the properties they represent. Trinity also believes that NFTs will become a foundation for the future of blockchain technology and asset management, as seen with the use cases of in-game core assets, supply chains – or any other representation of assets that are stored in the blockchain.

Other groups are also working on an NFT standard for NEO, such as HashPuppies, who won third place for their Non-Fungible Token Smart Contract Template in the recent NEO / Microsoft dApp competition.

The presenters at the event will each speak on a single subject, reflecting their expertise and sharing what their platform does and how it works.

Ari Meilich, CEO of Decentraland will present “Decentraland: On game items and blockchain.” Decentraland runs on Ethereum and allows users to create, experience and monetize their content and applications

Naka Khu, co-founder of Etheremon will present “Etheremon – the first game opening an era of Game 3.0.” Etheremon claims to be the world’s first blockchain game with battling features, and also claims to be changing the gaming industry with blockchain technology.

David Li, former Antshares (NEO) Overseas Manager and current CEO of Trinity will present: “Trinity: Blockchain Gaming and Computation Solution and NFT Assets.” Trinity is a universal off-chain scaling solution that supports NEO and Ethereum blockchains. Trinity provides an off-chain solution for blockchain games by keeping their transactions in state channels, freeing large amounts of resources on their mainnets.

Finally, Demian Brener, co-founder and CEO at Zeppelin Solutions will present: “Zeppelin: An operating system for smart contract applications.” Zeppelin provided the key infrastructure to develop the OpenZeppelin and ZeppelinOS smart contract applications. Zeppelin also conducts audits of complex applications.

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