The Aphelion project has announced that trading on its decentralized exchange will begin on NEO’s MainNet at 10:00 PST (UTC -7) on October 10th, 2018. The exchange will be accessible first for users of its desktop wallet software. DEX support for its Android, iOS, and web-based mobile NEO wallets will be added at a later date.

Fee Structure

Aphelion has stated that its exchange will feature zero fees for market makers. Taking listed orders off of the market will require the APH token as a trading fee. Aphelion has also announced that “higher volume trading” will be discounted.

APH holders who wish to receive their share of redistributed trading fees will be able to commit their APH to the exchange’s smart contract.

Trading Pairs

The following trading pairs will be listed at the launch of Aphelion’s exchange:

  • Aphelion Token: APH/NEO, APH/GAS
  • DeepBrain Chain: DBC/NEO, DBC/GAS
  • New Kind of Network: NKN/NEO, NKN/GAS
  • Red Pulse Phoenix: PHX/NEO, PHX/GAS
  • Phantasma Chain: SOUL/NEO, SOUL/GAS
  • TheKey: TKY/NEO, TKY/GAS

Aphelion CEO Ian Holtz commented, “We’ll be adding another round of pairs shortly thereafter and all NEP-5 tokens are under consideration”.

The Aphelion announcements can be read in full at the following links:

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