On March 25, 2018, CoinEx announced the trading of NEO on their platform, which began at 12:00am (UTC) the following day. CoinEx is an exchange that uses Bitcoin Cash as the base currency, and Bitcoin and Tether as other pairs for trading coins and tokens.

CoinEx was founded in December of 2017, supports multiple languages, and provides global trading services in nearly 100 countries and regions. The exchange has a proprietary high-seed matching engine that has the capacity to support 10,000 transactions per second. Additionally, all digital assets deposited on the exchange will be placed in a cold hardware storage and utilizes a multi-signature strategy to increase safety.

NEO is now one of 17 other coins that are traded on the exchange. There will be no deposit or withdrawal fees when trading NEO through CoinEx.

For more information about CoinEx, visit their website, Twitter, Facebook, or Telegram.