KuCoin will become the first exchange to list DeepBrain Chain’s DBC token, with deposits opening at 00:00 on December 23rd (UTC + 8).

To support the listing, KuCoin and DeepBrain have teamed up as part of KuCoin’s ‘End of Year Carnival’ promotion. Between 00:00 on December 23rd (UTC + 8) and 11:59 on December 30th (UTC + 8), users will receive rewards in DBC for depositing BTC, ETH or NEO into their account. Rewards are as follows –

  • Deposit 0.05 BTC or 1.5 ETH or 15 NEO and get 60 DBC
  • Deposit 0.25 BTC or 7.5 ETH or 75 NEO and get 200 DBC

Furthermore, users can earn NEO rewards by depositing DBC. The top 100 DBC depositors during the promotion period will receive between 8 to 300 NEO based on rank, with 2000 NEO total being given away.

Both promotions are based on net deposits with withdrawn amounts being deducted from the deposit total. KuCoin will calculate users’ net deposit amount after the promotion period ends and distribute awards to accounts within 3 working days.

For more information you can visit the following link –