A new version of the Neo Ledger app enables users of Flamingo Finance to use the popular Ledger hardware wallet on the DeFi platform. Instructions for updating to the newly released version are provided here. Once the update has been completed on the Ledger device, users can connect the wallet to Flamingo via Neon Wallet.

In addition, Flamingo Finance has begun an NFT charity auction titled ‘Save the Flamingos,’ in partnership with Guarav Sirola, Ph.D., a researcher at the Wildlife Institute of India. The initiative, intended to support flamingo research, involves a collection of ten NFTs, seen below, minted and auctioned on GhostMarket.

Save the Flamingos NFT Collection (source)

Touted as Flamingo’s first-ever charity auction, all proceeds will go to Sirola, to be used in support of Flamingo research in India. Each NFT in the collection is an edited photograph taken by Sirola during his research. Sirola, whose studies focus on flamingo population size, temporal variation, habitat preference and suitability, food, and influence of salt works, aims to bring more research of flamingos to India.

Bidding on the collection has already begun on GhostMarket, and will run through Thursday, Feb. 3 2022, after 14:00 a.m. (UTC). At the aforementioned date and time, Flamingo Finance will host a live Community Lagoon event on the Flamingo discord, offering live coverage of the final bids on the collection. The event can be found in the community-lagoon channel.

The full details of the charity auction announcement can be found below: