FTWCoin (FTX) was listed on the Switcheo decentralized exchange (DEX) on Tuesday, October 30th. For The Win (FTW) is a decentralized gambling platform on the NEO blockchain. The initial launch of FTW will feature a lottery decentralized application (dApp) built into a smart contract. The project also recently established FTXchange, an over-the-counter (OTC) NEP-5 trading smart contract.

The FTX token listing took place approximately a week after FTW’s smart contract was updated and the new FTX token established, which NEO News Today previously covered.

Trading pairs are offered between NEO, GAS, and the Switcheo native token (SWTH).

It should be noted, the FTWCoin market is not available to virtual private network (VPN) users, nor users in Singapore.

The listing is part of Switcheo’s vision to deliver “an intuitive trading experience with minimal fees, without compromising the benefits of having complete control and custody of users’ funds at all times through a trustless and decentralized trading environment.”

More information about For The Win can be found at the links below.