Singapore based is adding NEO and GAS markets to their exchange in NEO/BTC, NEO/ETH and GAS/ETH trading pairs.

Deposits opened on December 27th and trading will begin on December 28th at 2:00pm Singapore time (GMT + 8). Withdrawals will be available from 2:00pm on December 29th.

To encourage users to move NEO and GAS onto the platform, Huobi will be rewarding the top 100,000 traders between 2:00pm on December 28th and 2:00pm on December 31st (GMT+8) with ¥10 – ¥100 in GAS. To be eligible for rewards the user must be verified and users trading both NEO and GAS are only eligible for rewards once. ¥1,000,000 will be given away in total (approx USD$125,000).

Founded in 2013, Bejing-based Huobi once accounted for 60% of global Bitcoin trading. However, the crackdown on exchanges by the Chinese government have forced the exchange to relocate to countries with more relaxed cryptocurrency laws. Earlier in the month, Huobi announced they would be partnering with Japanese financial group SBI to launch two new exchanges in Japan early next year.