LocalCoinSwap has announced its planned support for NEO on the upcoming launch of its Hong Kong-based decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange.

Fiat currencies the exchange will support include the US Dollar (USD), European Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), British Pound (GBP), Canadian Dollar (CAD), and Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY) among many others.

LocalCoinSwap will support a variety of payments to be “safely supervised” using their escrow process. The escrow process will be comprised of a “multi-signature transaction option for users in currencies where this is possible.” Payment methods will include “traditional bank transfer, wire transactions, cash exchange, cash deposit, international wire, PayPal, cash in the mail, and even asset exchanges such as gold.” New payment methods might be included if the exchange’s community requests such support.

In addition to fiat and multiple forms of payment support, LocalCoinSwap has also outlined “Cryptoshares” (page 3), which is designed to facilitate distribution of profits made by the exchange platform and new business ventures within the LocalCoinSwap umbrella. The platform aims to provide its users with benefits such as dividend income streams, access to a broad portfolio, voting rights, airdrops, and community support.

The P2P DEX is scheduled to launch in August of 2018.

For more information about LocalCoinSwap read their whitepaper, or visit their website, Twitter, Facebook, or Telegram channel.