The Master Contract Token (MCT) that was airdropped to NEO wallets by Splyse on May 8th has been listed on with BTC and ETH pairs. is the first exchange to list MCT.

Splyse distributed 1,000 MCT tokens to NEO wallets for each NEP-5 token held for any length of time, regardless of the amount. For example, if a NEO address held RPX, RHT and ONT (in any quantity) at any point before May 8, 2018, they received an airdrop of 3,000 MCT.

A total of 567,442,000 tokens (~98% of total supply) were airdropped to 404,453 NEO addresses, with the remaining ~2% allocated to Splyse for development costs and ongoing support.

More information on Master Contract Token can be found on its GitHub.