The Narrative Network, a social media network that rewards content creators and moderators, has announced that three cryptocurrency exchanges have listed its NRVE tokens: Bitpaction, Octaex, and BiteBTC.

Narrative aim to be the “World’s Public Journal” and describes itself as a “mashup between Medium, Instagram and Twitter, but with more focused subject-matter”, rewarding content creators, moderators and everyone who positively influences the quality of content. The Narrative alpha was released in Q1 of 2018 with limited functionality. The beta, with full functionality, is expected in Q4 2018. An additional advertising module will be implemented in Q1 2019.

Before the Narrative token sale, the platform switched from the using the Ethereum blockchain to NEO. The main reasons cited for the move were scalability and costs. NEO is capable of handling more transactions per second than Ethereum, and transactions are currently free.


Bitpaction is a growing exchange with a focus on providing users with a simple and secure trading experience. Users can get started with trading immediately with no KYC process. Bitpaction is working to list other NEP-5 tokens in future, in addition to getting listed on CoinMarketCap.

The trading pairs for Bitpaction are NRVE/BTC and NRVE/ETH.


Octaex is the second exchange that users can buy NRVE tokens form. The exchange averages $10 million per day in trading volume. Octaex is listed on CoinMarketCap, which means NRVE could be listed there shortly.

The trading pairs for Octaex are NRVE/BTC and NRVE/ETH.


BiteBTC is the last to exchange to list NRVE, and is the smallest of the three, averaging around $2 million per day in trading volume. The exchange is based in Singapore and requires KYC, which can take up to several weeks for verification to be completed.

The trading pairs for BiteBTC are NRVE/BTC and NRVE/ETH.

Finally, the Narrative Project states that it plans to list its token on other exchanges shortly and that it will share news as soon as the agreements are complete.

More information on Narrative can be found at the links below.