Nash, a non-custodial exchange and blockchain services provider, announced the addition of a swap functionality to its mobile app. The swap service is the first trading functionality in the Nash mobile wallet. The project also introduced a new tiered trading fee schedule.

Mobile Swaps

The Nash app now offers a simple swap service for many of its listed markets. Users can tap to approve fixed-price offers for trades between assets and blockchains:

Nash founder Fabio Canesin elaborated on Twitter following the announcement:

[Mobile swaps] will compute a price from the global markets and place a limit order at the best execution price – it is a very simple interface for taking market opportunities when you want to quickly buy or sell an asset.

Fee Schedule

The Nash team also announced an updated fee schedule for its tiered trading fees. Making markets (creating order book listings) in Nash remains zero-fee, and the taker fee is now based on 30-day trading volume.

Traders with less than $100,000 in 30-day volume will pay an 0.25% taker fee. Traders with more than $1,000,000 of 30-day volume will pay 0.2% taker fees, with progressive reductions offered all the way down to a 0.03% taker fee for institutional volume (over $500,000,000 USD per 30 days).

Nash’s full Fee Schedule can be viewed at the following link: