OnTrade, a cryptocurrency exchange billing itself as “the world’s innovative exchange,” has announced the launch of trading markets for NEO futures contracts. The NEO futures markets, which went live on July 23rd, 2019, include daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and quarterly contracts.

Futures Trading

OnTrade’s futures contracts, which consist of an advance agreement to transact an item for a predetermined price at a specified future time, are available for trading in the four different timeframes.

Leveraged trading is available for those who seek to assume the substantial risk of opening a larger trading position, by using money that is borrowed, in addition to their own.

NEO/BTC and NEO/USDT spot markets are also offered by OnTrade for traders who are seeking immediate settlement.

Further details of NEO’s futures contracts can be viewed at the following link: https://www.ontrade.com/view/service/details.html?informationId=f7f3ea2c40b64752ac1e0e379de76b4c&categoryNo=64