Switcheo have published a guide on how to trade on its exchange with a Ledger Nano S, following the push of UI upgrades to the platform.

The guide can be found here:

Switcheo confirmed last week that the NEO Ledger app upgrade necessary to support trading on its exchange was available on the Ledger Manager. Users will need to ensure they have installed Ledger firmware v1.4.2 or above and NEO Ledger application v1.3.1 or above. Device firmware must be upgraded before the application.

The upgrades will now enable users to trade NEO, GAS and NEP-5 tokens directly from their Ledger hardware device. Whilst the Switcheo decentralized architecture already allowed users to trade without storing tokens on the exchange, they can now trade without needing to log into their wallets with JSON files, encrypted or private keys.

More information on Switcheo can be found at the links below.