Switcheo, a Singapore-based non-custodial exchange serving the Neo, Ethereum, and EOS blockchains, has rebranded with a new logo. Along with the new style, the team is in the process of announcing its staking model for the upcoming Switcheo TradeHub, which is to be revealed in a series of posts.


According to Switcheo, the rebrand is intended “to refocus our identity to better reflect our unique values.” The project’s name and ownership remain unchanged.

The company’s new logo and colour scheme is currently being rolled out across its website, social media channels, and other media properties. Switcheo claims that its “growth-oriented, aspiring, and daring nature” is embodied by its new logo.

The letter “T” is transformed into an up-right arrow in the logo. The arrow adds energy to the overall logo, representing the movement of bounding upward. It depicts Switcheo’s positive future and continuous growth. It also represents the Switcheo team’s forward-thinking to strive for progress and continuous improvement. This is what has always defined us, and it will continue to define us as we move forward.

Switcheo’s logo evolution. Source: Switcheo blog.

To celebrate the rebrand, Switcheo is giving away branded merchandise in a drawing held through its official Twitter page. Winners will be selected from the promotion’s participants after June 16th, 2020.


Switcheo has also released the first part of a series covering staking of the SWTH token as the Switcheo Tradehub launch date approaches. The article, “Enhancing the Switcheo Token,”  covers the topic of transaction verification, and the system of validators and delegators who will be held responsible for processing the exchange’s trades in a provably fair manner.

An inflationary monetary model has been proposed for the SWTH token by which its total supply will increase in the five-year period following the TradeHub’s launch. Staked or delegated SWTH tokens will be eligible for inflationary rewards; Switcheo hopes to begin “Phase 0” of this process in July, 2020.

Further details about the changes and features to the SWTH token and its utility are forthcoming as additional articles in the series are posted.

Switcheo’s rebranding announcement can be viewed at the following link: https://blog.switcheo.network/switcheos-new-look-weve-rebranded/