Battle Hard has distributed the first 507 NEP-17 B tokens to early adopters. The team held a two-month meme competition from Halloween through Christmas Day in 2023, where participants could submit one meme per day. Each unique meme submission entitled them to one B token. The competition was part of a campaign to fairly distribute the B token to the project’s early supporters. Enlivened by the event, Battle Hard creator DIGI Byte said:

Battle Hardened Halloween to Xmas event was a tremendous success, and we are grateful for the enthusiastic participation from our community. The creativity and energy displayed by the community during this event further fuel our passion for creating unique and engaging experiences.

Battle Hard is a cross-chain NFT project designed to inject new utility into NFTs, reactivating dead NFTs to give new life to abandoned projects. With Battle Hard, the user can fuse NFTs from multiple projects and compete in battles on the platform. Once fused, the NFTs become “Battle Hardened” and can be used for competition. The Battle Hardened concept incorporates an arena inspired by Pokemon stats and battle systems.

The B tokens will be used for all activity within the Battle Hard ecosystem, with plans to expand to Solana, Polygon, and Ethereum after launching on Neo. Ultimately, 1 million B tokens will be minted on each chain Battle Hard supports. The utility of the B token will include minting, voting, in-game purchases, and more.

Other B tokens will be distributed via Battle Hard’s forthcoming Vendor service. The Vendor is a token distribution tool for fledgling projects that don’t have the means to establish liquidity pools on a non-custodial exchange. It is designed as an alternative for new projects seeking to distribute community tokens.

The Vendor isn’t live on the Battle Hard website yet, but the smart contracts are open-source and available for developers to fork and integrate into their dApps.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: