DogeRift is deprecating the DOGEF token with the most recent release of patch v1.3. The update includes content changes, UI fixes, and character and game mode adjustments. The DogeRift team has updated its servers, so all users must reinstall the game on their devices.

The Doge Food token was designed to be distributed to players as an in-game reward for winning competitions and exploring maps. DOGEF’s utility was initially geared toward funding the ability to create new characters, improve character stats, customize characters, and craft items. The token’s supply cap was unlimited as it was designed to be used indefinitely for in-game rewards.

Moving forward, all DOGEF sent to the DogeRift game will automatically convert into DOGER at a 10:1 ratio (i.e., for every 10 DOGEF, the user will receive 1 DOGER).

Leadership is migrating from its dual-token model to improve the ease of future token listings and eliminate the complexity of using two separate tokens. Additionally, the new single-token economic model is deflationary, as the team is planning to launch in-game processes that will burn the DOGER token, which has a 100 trillion supply cap.

As of this update, the in-game functions that utilize farming, rewards, and buy/sell activities are all denominated in DOGER. The team intends to introduce its burning mechanism via the in-game shop in a forthcoming update.

Changes to the Game

The development team has implemented full joystick support for PC and mobile DogeRift versions. The UI has also been overhauled for the main menu, shop, inventory, leaderboards, and other screens.

In adventure mode, players can start from three points and have a competitive edge when using a jetpack to explore the map.

Source: DogeRift.

In parkour mode, four new maps have been added. Additionally, gameplay for the parkour and adventure modes has been adjusted to make movements more challenging.

In soccer mode, the game times have been reduced from five to two minutes, the bots have increased in difficulty scale, and new ambient music has been added. The stadium selection UI has also been improved to display mobile controls properly.

Looking Forward

In October, the DogeRift development team aims to release its final beta patch focused on chests, enemies, and lootable material, alongside more zones and decorations in adventure mode. This patch will pave the way for an official launch and public release of DogeRift.

Windows users can reinstall the game’s latest beta version now, and Mac users can expect to be able to download it within the week.

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