DogeRift has launched a new visual art competition offering a prize of 1 billion DOGER tokens. In addition to the art competition, DogeRift has also released an update that includes a range of new features and improvements to enhance the gaming experience.

AI generated art

DogeRift’s art competition invites participants to create DogeRift-themed art using AI image generators. To enter, contestants are required to follow DogeRift on Twitter, share their artwork under the designated tweet, and tag at least three friends.

The competition is part of a larger social media marketing campaign designed to drive more users to the metaverse game. Over the last month, DogeRift has airdropped 1.4 billion DOGER tokens to social media followers and announced that a new website is soon to be released.

Patch v1.13

DogeRift released game patch v1.13, its fourth update since the beginning of February. Among the improvements include bug fixes to the jetpack in Football mode that make it more challenging to beat the AI on higher difficulties. The parkour mode has also been improved with all bugs relating to leaderboard recording, respawn positions, and issues with multiple players playing simultaneously, being eliminated.

One new addition following the update is a spectator mode for the Parkour game, which allows players to watch other players finish the level after they complete or surrender. The Adventure and Parkour modes have also been combined into a single server to create a more immersive multiplayer experience. Now, only one active game can run at a time, enabling players to embark on adventures with other players in their region.

All leaderboards have been reset following the update, and will be reset again on Monday, March 6 to ensure all progress is being tracked correctly.

More information about the game update can be found at the link below: