The DogeRift team released an updated version of its 3D metaverse game. The new release, v1.12, primarily features improvements and bug fixes for the Parkour and Football modes.

In the Parkour mode, a new Leaderboard feature was added, allowing players to compete against each other for the best time in return for rewards. Currently in its testing phase, the official leaderboard will be launched on March 1.

Source: DogeRift Twitter

Parkour was also enhanced with restart and surrender options for player convenience. The level can now be reset using the “R” key.

The Football gamemode also received a quality of life improvement which will close the game and disconnect spectators if the current players leave. Finally, a visual bug with the jetpack that affected some players has also been resolved.

The team also recently announced the upcoming launch of its mobile client. Users may learn more about the game and receive notifications for the release via the official Discord server or the project’s new Telegram channel.