Neo Soccer recently kicked off the third season of the Flamingo Finance League, Meme2Earn League A, and Meme2Earn League B, along with new features added to the soccer management game. The new features include the addition of penalty shootouts, bits, and consumables.

Seasons run for 38 days, with matches played daily at 6:00 p.m. (UTC). To join a season, the user pays a flat fee upfront (currently five bNEO), which is then distributed into the prize pool shared between game users. Users also earn bNEO via match day ticket sales, cup winnings, and prize packages split among the league participants after each season.

Cup matches are knockout-style tournaments. The amount of registered teams also impacts the total prize pool; the more teams in the cup, the higher the prize pool. Cups typically take place over one day, with winners moving on until the champion is determined.

Before the most recent update, if a Cup match ended in a draw, the win would automatically go to the visiting team. Moving forward, Cup matches that end in a draw will be settled by penalty kicks.

Alongside the addition of penalty kicks, the Neo Soccer team has integrated bits and consumables. Bits serve two purposes: to mint consumables and earn revenue from fees spent on the platform.


Bits are an additional currency that can be spent on the platform. Users can earn bits for performing in-game activities, owning a NEO-BITS NFT, or contributing to Neo Soccer by making marketing materials, videos, and guides. Neo Soccer platform users can accrue bits via the following:

  • Inviting a friend that signs up for a Season: 100 bits
  • Owning a Golden NEO-BITS NFT: 100 bits
  • Owning any NEO-BITS NFT: 20 bits
  • Signing up for a Cup: 10 bits
  • Recruiting item (player, manager, stadium): 10 bits
  • Terminating item (player, manager, stadium): 5 bits
  • Winning Match (league or cup): 5 bits
  • Drawing Match (league or cup): 2 bits
  • Playing friendly match: 2 bit
  • Buying items on the Market: 2 bits
  • Lending items on the Market: 1 bit
  • Extending contract (per season): 1 bit

Note: NEO-BITS NFT holders must reach out to the Neo Soccer development team to verify ownership of NFTs and to receive the corresponding bits.

Bits also earn revenue from the new “bits pool,” which is filled by 4% of all transaction fees in the game. A user’s revenue from the bits pool is proportional to their bits holdings divided by all outstanding bits at the end of each season.

At the time of press, bits can’t be traded or sold but can be lost if a Neo Soccer user doesn’t register for the following season.


Consumables can improve player, manager, and stadium attributes or be used to change the names of any of these entities. Consumables cost 10 bits, are minted at random, and carry different strengths based on the rank of the item – the higher the rank, the larger the impact on attributes. The consumables comprise the following:

  • Improve Player or Manager Skill: 0.1 to 0.8 attribute points
  • Improve Player or Manager Luck: 0.1 to 0.8 attribute points
  • Improve Player or Manager Multiplier: 0.1 to 0.8 attribute points
  • Improve Player or Manager Aggression: -0.1 to -0.8 attribute points
  • Reduce Player or Manager Age: -1 to -2 years
  • Increase Stadium Capacity: 50 to 500 seats
  • Change Player, Manager, or Stadium name

Once minted, a consumable can be sold at the in-game market at a price denoted by the seller.

The Twitter announcement can be found at the link below: