Quirky Soul College is set to add a new element to its NFT universe, launching the Hollow World Story, an interactive storytelling experience that lets NFT holders co-author the narrative’s path. The new feature will be available to users on Sep. 25.

The Hollow World Story

The Hollow World Story introduces the concept of storytelling NFTs, which combine narrative creation and decentralized decision-making. Much like gamebooks, where readers navigate the story through pivotal choices, or akin to Netflix’s “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,” where viewers mold the plot’s journey, Quirky Soul College aims to immerse its community into the heart of the story.

Quirky Soul College NFT holders will dictate the story’s trajectory. Each NFT allows a distinct vote on episodic decisions, where a DAO-like model empowers the community to shape the storyline’s ebbs and flows. Following a set voting time frame, the dominant choice becomes canon, setting the stage for subsequent episodes.

Additionally, every voting choice mirrors a Quirky Soul’s personality trait, adding depth and history to the NFT. This choice becomes permanently attached to the character, further influencing its alignment—drawing parallels to alignment mechanics in classic games like “Dungeons & Dragons.”

A new dedicated section on the Quirky Soul College DApp will house the Hollow World Story narrative. Each season comprises episodes with a title, core content, and potential ending routes.

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