TOTHEMOON has completed the first of seven Moon Device airdrop events, distributing 255 NFTs to 104 wallets. Moon Device NFTs unlock unique free mints of forthcoming special TTM NFT collections.

There were two ways to qualify for the Moon Device airdrop. In Feb. 2022, 120 Moon Duo NFTs were sold through auction, comprising two character types offering both Moon and Cryptonaut Points. Wallets holding these NFTs were eligible for the airdrop.

The second method was by pairing multi-generation Cryptonauts and their Origin traits. There are seven Origin traits, but only five pairs necessary to become eligible. To qualify for one Moon Device NFT, a wallet was required to hold both a New Moon and Waxing Crescent Cryptonaut NFT, with each pair sharing one of the seven Origins. Five Origins needed to be accounted for, so the qualified wallet would have had to hold at least 10 Cryptonaut NFTs.

Moon Device NFTs. Source:

There is a total supply of 5,000 Moon Device NFTs, which will be distributed over seven events throughout Cycle 1. Any that are not distributed via airdrop will be put up for auction on the TTM Marketplace. The proceeds from the potential sale will be split equally amongst wallets holding a Moon Device NFT.

Each wallet can qualify for a maximum of three Moon Device NFTs per airdrop event.

TTM has published information on the various Moon Device attributes at the following link: