TOTHEMOON has reduced the total supply of its Item NFTs and released an overview of its resource tokens. The guide describes the total supply and use cases for five NEP-17 resource tokens recently minted on Neo N3. Resource tokens are required for building Moon Infrastructure and will also be associated with specific NFTs for additional benefits.

The TTM utility/governance token and all five resource tokens were minted using the FTW Smith feature on Forthewin Network. All future swaps between TTM and resource tokens will take place on Forthewin Network, but staking features will only be available via the official TOTHEMOON website. The team intends to establish an LP on FTW Swap in Q4 2022, potentially as an initial DEX offering.

TTM will be airdropped, earned in-game, or available for purchase on an exchange. Eventually, TTM tokens will be used to buy and sell land and items on the marketplace, bet within the mini-games, repair or modify items, and more.

The total supply of one billion TTM tokens will be distributed accordingly:

  • Game rewards: approximately 374 million TTM
  • Airdrops: approximately 226 million TTM
  • Staking rewards: 100 million TTM
  • Locked in TTM/GAS LP: 100 million TTM
  • Locked in TTM/resource tokens LPs: 100 million TTM
  • Team and partnerships: 100 million TTM

Resource Tokens

To build particular Moon Infrastructures, users must stake Resource Tokens assigned to the building. Associated NFTs can boost staking rewards and decrease the staking requirements to build the corresponding Moon Infrastructure. Resource tokens will also enhance user operations and activities, and yield staking rewards.

A table of the five resource tokens, total supplies, infrastructure examples, and corresponding Item NFTs can be found in the table below.

NEP-17 Token Total Supply Moon Infrastructure examples Associated NFTs
TGAS 500,000,000 Gas Station, Gravity Zone GAS NFT
WATT 400,000,000 Electricity Plants, Comm. Towers Mushroom NFTs
LITH 300,000,000 Mining Facilities Moon Rock NFT
HIST 200,000,000 Research Labs Moon Fossil NFTs
MAG 100,000,000 Oxygen Centers Moon Stone NFTs

In the image below, the token symbols in the top row are resource tokens (from left to right: TGAS, WATT, LITH, HIST, and MAG) and the associated resource NFT symbols are listed under each.


Item NFT Supply Reduction

TOTHEMOON has also reduced the total item supply within the game’s metaverse by 33.33%. Item NFTs are required for users to build Moon Infrastructure and to remain active in TOTHEMOON’s upcoming staking-based mini-games and features. The announcement article contains a comprehensive list of the specific Items NFTs and their new supplies.

More information about the TTM resource tokens can be found at the link below: