Quirky Soul College founder Michael Fabozzi joined the Neo Live AMA series to discuss the recent launch of the Neo’s first dynamic NFT mint and upcoming game. Participants in the AMA shared rewards from a prize pool comprising three Quirky Soul NFTs.

QSC was designed to be a Tamagotchi-like game where characters grow over time. The objective of the game is to acquire Quirky Soul NFT characters and level them up to win missions more efficiently and earn rewards. The Quirky Soul NFTs will also be used to determine the stories that can be integrated into gameplay.

In the AMA, Fabozzi discussed the overview of how the Quirky Soul NFTs will be dynamic and interact with the upcoming game, how the NFT image will change over time according to the character’s in-game status, integrating support for other NFTs in the Neo ecosystem, how NFT holders will impact the direction of the game’s plot, and the role of the Fresh Dark Elixir NEP-17 utility token in the game.

The full transcript is below:

Riley (Neo Telegram admin): Michael Fabozzi is a software engineer who loves building things. He likes coding, learning, and stretching his imagination to generate ideas and solutions. Now he’s leading Quirky Soul College and Rentfuse Labs.

Quirky Soul College is a collection of 10,000 dynamic NFTs called Quirky Souls. Each character is unique and generated randomly onchain, and mint with traits and statistics that characterize its appearance, rarity, and strengths.

Q1: Who are you and what is your role at Quirky Soul College?

Michael Fabozzi (Quirky Soul College founder): Hi, everyone! I am Michael, the founder of Quirky Soul College. My role at Quirky Soul College is to lead the team and develop the concept and code behind it. Thank you for the invitation. I’m very happy to be here to talk with you about the College!

Q2: Can you provide some more information about Quirky Soul College?

Michael: Quirky Soul College is a collection of 10,000 dynamic NFTs called Quirky Souls. Each character is unique and generated randomly onchain on mint with traits and stats that characterize its appearance, rarity, and strengths.

Owning a Quirky Soul, users enroll in the College and can start training their character by making it venture into the Night to fight monsters and obtain rewards. Moreover, users can vote in decisions that will shape the story of the College and its students.

Q3: What are some of the next steps and planned updates on the Quirky Soul College roadmap?

Michael: We launched Quirky Soul College NFT contract to the Neo MainNet on Halloween, making it possible to mint a Quirky Soul on https://www.quirkysoulcollege.com/.

The next step will be to deploy the Fresh Dark Elixir token contract to the MainNet and create a pool for it. This will happen soon, before the end of the year. After this, the game will be enabled, and it will be possible to play with your Quirky Souls and start having fun and earning FDE tokens.

In the next year, we are planning several things, like a backpack airdrop of FDE tokens for early holders, a marketplace with consumable NFT items, improved dApp UI, and the interaction with some fantastic Neo projects like Puppets from COZ and Neoverse NFTs.

Q4: So, users can already mint Quirky Soul College NFTs?

Michael: Yes, you can mint Quirky Soul College NFTs on https://www.quirkysoulcollege.com/ for 15 GAS each. There are currently no restrictions to minting Quirky Soul NFTs, but that won’t last long. While the story behind the college unfolds, the dApp and its functionalities will change. So, the minting will also be affected.

Q5: What does it mean that Quirky Soul College NFTs are dynamic?

Michael: It means that the metadata of your NFTs, so the image and attributes, can vary depending on external conditions. For Quirky Soul College NFTs, these conditions can be venturing through the night, being dead, increasing your level, or transforming into a monster. (Oops, the last one should have been a secret.)

Q6: How exactly will the NFTs be dynamic? Will the image change as the characters grow over time, or will the NFTs be updated to show the status (i.e., healing, on a mission, etc.)? Do you have any early ideas for how you’ll incorporate other NFTs from within the Neo ecosystem?

Michael: Quirky Soul College NFTs are dynamic because their metadata can change depending on several conditions. The first one is visual and relies on the status of the Quirky Soul character. If it’s idle, venturing, or dead, it shows a different image. The second one is not implemented yet but is still visual and related to what is equipped to the Quirky Soul. Another relates to NFT attributes like level, health points, and abilities that update while interacting with the Quirky Soul College world. Some other ones are visual but still secret.

One of our goals is to cooperate with other ecosystem projects and feature them in the College. At the moment, we are brainstorming ideas. Some involve additional traits, consumable items, boosters, and special mintable NFTs.

Q7: How often does the team plan to release new chapters? How will the community be involved in shaping the future chapters/direction of the game?

Michael: The main story behind Quirky Soul College will be written episodically in a season-like form. Each episode will be released about every two weeks and influenced by community ideas and feedback.

Furthermore, to give readers multiple points of view, as if they are walking around the College, we will release various short-theme stories, announcements, diary pages, and much more.

As the Quirky Soul College community grows, we plan to add the possibility for holders to vote on plot directions. This will be possible only by holding an NFT, so each vote counts. Another interesting way of interacting with the story will be to let users write their point of view in the form of short-theme stories, as cited above.

Q8: What is the vision of Quirky Soul College? What are the key differences between Quirky Soul College and other similar NFT projects?

Michael: Quirky Soul College is the first dynamic NFT project on Neo, but that is not the only thing we are pioneering. We are also adding a storytelling-related factor that aims to create a community-shaped story that evolves as the community evolves.

Moreover, we are creating a Tamagotchi-like NFT that mutates by playing so, accruing value while having fun and earning tokens.

Q9: What will Fresh Dark Elixir tokens be used for? When will the token be launched?

Michael: Fresh Dark Elixir tokens are the primary means to interact with the Quirky Soul College world. For example, they can be used for venturing or healing your character and can be earned as rewards when completing a mission. The tokens will have much more use cases that will be unveiled when new functionalities are added, like the marketplace or the temporary shops.

The FDE token will be launched at the beginning of December 2022.

Q10: What utility does the NFT have? How does project leadership intend to continue improving the NFTs and have a long lifespan? Will the NFTs be cross-chain?

Michael: We are creating a world with NFTs used to play, earn, and be part of a story. Quirky Soul College NFTs evolve while you play and use them. Moreover, they are dynamic, so they will be able to continuously change with all the features that will be added, and you, as the community, can help shape this.

Regarding cross-chain development, we are keeping that door open, but that is not our primary goal at the moment. We are focusing on the community and the plot; the rest will come along.

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