0chain, a no-cost, decentralized cloud (dCloud) will be working with the NEO platform after receiving an investment from NEO Global Capital. 0chain can be used for the internet of things (IoT), web applications, decentralized applications (dApps), and enterprise apps.

0chain will allow dApps operating on top of the NEO blockchain to move to an off-chain storage dCloud platform, which can also help to meet blockchain computational needs. The dCloud platform provider will also seek to help dApps optimize their performance by creating chains to specifically suit their needs.

The decentralized cloud platform has been developing new and unique protocols such as 2D-BPoS consensus, self-forking, storage, and inflation protocols to help achieve large scalability, fast finality, and a free decentralized cloud for its users.

Saswata Basu, the founder of 0chain said, “We are excited to work with NEO and their dApp ecosystem to help their needs with a fast, free, and flexible computing and storage platform. With 0chain, dApps can create their own blockchain, achieve decentralized computing, record micro-transactions with fast finality, and have a fast guaranteed storage capability. Best of all, it’s totally free. Unlike traditional cost model, dApps hold tokens for free compute and storage. So, cost becomes an asset.

For more information about 0chain, visit their website, Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Youtube, Github, Facebook, or LinkedIn.