NEO announced the conclusion of its first NEO development competition, March 4th. The NEO development competition featured a global community of developers, with works submitted by candidates across continents. The competition ran for a total of three months, launching on the 20th of November, 2017.

In total, more than 500 developers and teams signed up for the event with 77 entries submitted. The submitted projects included decentralized applications through to a variety of blockchain applications. Ideas were submitted for projects in finance, games, social communication, energy management and IoT. Other projects included wallets, browsers, node software and query management tools.

Winning Entries

The entries were scored from over 50 completed projects that qualified for a final review.

As part of the scoring process, the projects were scored using the following five criteria and weightings:

  • Technology Superiority – 25%
  • Innovativeness – 20%
  • Value – 20%
  • Completeness – 20%
  • Adoptability – 15%

The winning entries were the following:

  • First Prize (1 team): Nachomen – a turn-based multiplayer game using a NEO smart contract as the backend
  • Second Prize (2 teams): Elight – a project designed to automate thermo logistics processes; Treatail – a commerce layer that sits on top of marketplaces on the internet
  • Third Prize (3 teams): Loyalty program on a NEO blockchain – enables businesses to launch a program or move an existing loyalty program to a NEO blockchain; LootMarkets – decentralized ecosystem built on the NEO blockchain for digital assets in gaming that can be bought, sold and traded; Non-Fungible Token Smart Contract Template – a non-fungible token (NFT) that works as a property deed

In addition to the winning entries above, 10 teams were given awards of merit.

The above projects were created using NEO smart contracts that written in Python, Java, C/C# and Go, which enable definiteness, scalability, and compatibility between decentralized applications. The ability to write smart contracts in multiple languages makes it easy for developers to participate in the NEO ecosystem, and to release innovative projects that create value for end users.

NEO will contact the winning project developers within a week and distribute the bounties accordingly.

More information on the rewards can be found here.