Nash has reported that 20 million NEX tokens are currently staked on its non-custodial exchange. With a total token supply of 50 million, this figure accounts for approximately 40% of all issued NEX.

Currently, token holders can stake on the non-custodial exchange for a duration of their choice, from one to 24 months. The longer the stake, the higher the proportionate share of trading fee revenue received. Staked tokens are unretrievable until the selected duration has passed.

Looking forward to the rest of 2021, Nash will release fiat-based checking accounts, high-yield savings accounts powered by DeFi, and a cryptocurrency-backed debit card. As these products roll-out, NEX holders will receive USDC distributions from the new revenue streams, in addition to current staking rewards.

Purchase cryptocurrency with Nash’s fiat ramp widget

Nash has launched a fiat ramp widget on its website that makes it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency using the Euro. Supported cryptocurrencies include NEO, BTC, USDC, ETH, and AAVE, with plans for MATIC.


The Nash fiat ramp widget can be integrated into third-party websites through its open-source code, the ramp-widget-sdk JavaScript library. The widget calculates rates for purchasing cryptocurrency and generates a link to complete the purchase on the Nash mobile app. The link is then either encoded into a QR code for desktops or turned into a button on mobile devices.

Nash League season three concludes

Nash League Season Three recently concluded with a total of US $52 million in trading volume. An equivalent of $50,000 in prizes was distributed to solo and team-based traders.

The Nash League competition is designed to increase trading volume on the non-custodial exchange. Season One concluded with over $79 million in volume and Season Two with $74 million in volume.

The 20 million NEX staked announcement can be found at the link below: