AIgentX now supports the Neo X EVM sidechain with its Discord and Telegram chatbot. The utility leverages AI to help users learn about supported blockchain networks, the tokens that reside on those chains, and other details about the blockchain. The bot can track real-time data, perform price analysis, and offer details about projects building on Neo.

AIgentX aims to lower the entry barrier into the Web3 ecosystem by offering AI-enabled tools to help users navigate the complexities of blockchain technology. The team offers AI-powered agents and applications to support community management processes, digital asset trading analysis, and developer education.

Users can access the AIgentX chatbot to perform queries about token smart contracts, smart contract audits, real-time token data, technical analysis of a cryptocurrency, and more.

Source: AIgentX Telegram chatbot

The chatbot offers several categories for user enquiries, ranging from on-chain activities to token price and market information to image generation. The Contract Question button offers insights into specific functions the smart contract might have. The Contract Audit function reveals the smart contract’s strengths and weaknesses. Realtime Token Data provides up-to-date information for tokens on supported networks based on their ticker symbol, address, or name. And Technical Analysis offers a chart of open/close and low/high prices, resistance and support trends, and simple moving averages.

AIgentX is currently integrated with the Neo X TestNet, with plans to support the MainNet upon launch. At the time of press, the AI agent allows users to learn about any ERC-20 token and assets on EVM L2s (i.e., Base and ZKsync), Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and the Neo X EVM sidechain, with planned support for ZetaChain.

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