Alchemint, stablecoin issuance platform, has released its monthly report for October 2019, which includes developmental progress, token use statistics, and other noteworthy activities.

Alchemint began its monthly report with a perspective on President Xi Jinping’s public comments about the Chinese government supporting blockchain research, development, and standardization. Alchemint states President Xi’s comments may have “a positive impact on the whole blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.”

The report noted that the Overall Mortgage Rate rose with the price of NEO from 225.76% in September to 352.53% by the end of October. Should the Overall Mortgage Rate drop to 150%, NEO will begin to liquidate to maintain the stability of the price of SDUSD.

Further, upon testing of its Rootstock platform, the Alchemint development team has decided to change the current login logic to the same method it uses for its NEO smart contracts. Rootstock is a smart contract network that seeks to utilize the Bitcoin blockchain.

Lastly, Alchemint visited the NGD office in Shanghai, China, and participated in a Chinese-based LoveNEO interview. Alchemint urged interested individuals to use Google Translate to convert the transcript of the conversation from Chinese to English.

The full October monthly report can be found at the link below: