The software development team AllCode has recently launched NEO Flux, a lightweight NEO API server in C# that allows users to interact with the NEO blockchain without requiring them to synchronize with it first. The neo-flux project repository can be found here.

AllCode initially began the neo-flux project after encountering delays due to neo-python requiring a synchronized MainNet or TestNet before it can be used. The neo-flux server is based on the City of Zion project neo-lux, and aims to make performing neo-python operations much more efficient by removing the need to maintain a full, updated copy of the NEO blockchain.

neo-flux currently supports the following functionality:

  • No need to synchronize with the NEO MainNet
  • Secure transaction processing without open wallets on the server
  • Each operation rotates to a different RPC node instead of sticking with the most recent working RPC node
  • RPC nodes are checked before operations are performed. Slow or unreachable nodes are discarded, so the server is always connected to working, fast RPC nodes
  • Gracefully handles failed transactions by using a configurable retry system
  • Ability to close the server to ensure selected clients can use it
  • Easy to use, JSON focused API
  • Configured with functional NEO RPC nodes
  • Support for additional pools of RPC Nodes (including the AllCode Test Network)

Future updates to neo-flux will include the ability to check block heights, alongside login support. AllCode also aims to add a monitoring user interface to allow real time monitoring of changes to the blockchain.

The full neo-flux announcement can be found at the link below: