Cryptocurrency robot trading advisor, Alphacat, has added Cardano (ADA) forecasts to its ACAT Store (optimized for mobile devices). The store, which is still considered to be in the early alpha phase of development, also offers forecasts for BTC, ETH, NEO, and EOS. The Cardano addition comes approximately six weeks after the store’s launch.

The Alphacat forecasts are designed to predict the probabilistic price movements within the 45-minute window after their creation. Alphacat claims that its forecasts are produced by combining its Pipelined Recurrent Neural Network and Long Short-Term Memory artificial intelligence algorithms. It claims that its forecasts are correct over 60% of the time.

Users can create an account on the ACAT Store to receive three free forecasts for each supported cryptocurrency per day. Additional forecasts may be purchased with ACAT tokens.

Alphacat also recently released a user guide for its probabilistic forecasts.

More information about Alphacat can be found by following the links below.