Alphacat has released its second bi-monthly report for October, which includes updates to the ACAT Store, its AI forecasting engine, analysis tools, and community growth. Alphacat is a robot adviser marketplace powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technologies, focused on cryptocurrencies.

Alphacat completed the development of its third party listing system for the ACAT Store, which provides “AI-powered financial applications and services” to all investors. The ACAT Store aims to provide support. to developers at the conceptual stages of their product design, those with products already listed in the store, Alphacat certified products, and developers working with the Alphacat team.

In the second half of October, Dr. Bin Li and Dr. Liang Li – Alphacat founder and head of U.S. artificial intelligence product line respectively – established a partnership with UCLA’s Henry Samuel School of Engineering and Applied Science. The partnership will provide Alphacat with a Signal Analysis Specialist to analyze transaction data. Coverage was recently provided by NEO News Today.

Additionally, Dr. Liang Li is leading a research team in studying “the influence of the objective function of the training results in the neural network training period, exploring various incentives or penalty factors used to produce the prediction results, and [designing] a specific optimization algorithm for different specific [parameter] problems.”

The infrastructure for Alphacat’s “Cryptocurrency Risk Analysis Bot,” or “CRAB” v1.0, is now complete and allows users to compare a risk assessment between two cryptocurrencies of their choice.

Lastly, Alphacat saw a positive trend in community growth in October, gaining 1,843 new Facebook members, and 389 new Twitter followers.

The full report can be found at the below link:

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