Alphacat is looking for community members to join their Global Community Volunteer Campaign. Alphacat is a quantitative investment platform built on the NEO blockchain. ‘Architects’ will create research driven theses that will be developed into artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms by ‘engineers’. Investors can subscribe to these investment strategies on the Alphacat marketplace and allow the robot traders to manage assets for them with the click of a button. Alphacat’s goal is to ‘make investing as easy as buying a bottle of Coke’.

Alphacat is seeking 20 publicists, who will be responsible for translating and promoting news in order to grow the community. Applicants should have an interest in financial technology and digital currency investing. Proficiency in more than two languages (such as English, Korean, Japanese, and other languages) is also a prerequisite. Lastly, Alphacat is interested in people with experience as media editors and individuals with access to promotional channels.

10 product testers are also sought after to assist with testing and feedback. Requirements include an interest in financial technology and digital currency investing, 3 years of investing experience, and a professional background in digital or finance.

To participate, applicants can send their resume to with the following information.

  • Volunteer Position
  • Qualified Languages Spoken
  • Project Experience
  • Name (with your passport number)
  • Nationality
  • Contact Information (Phone Number and Email Address)
  • ACAT supported wallet address

Deadline for application is February 28, 2018. The selected volunteers will be contacted by Alphacat staff.

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