Alphacat, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency forecast marketplace, has announced the upcoming launch of two in-house market analysis tools on its mobile-focused ACAT Store. The projects “will be launched soon” and are slated to join 54 other Alphacat-developed and third-party apps on the store. The announcements were released in Alphacat’s two-week development report covering early December, 2018.

Cryptocurrency Risk Analysis

The first new addition is Alphacat’s “Cryptocurrency Risk Analysis Bot,” which is designed to analyze past transactions of a cryptocurrency in order to calculate and compare “risk indicators between different currencies.” Alphacat has designed the application to increase investor awareness of the inherent volatility and market risk associated with digital assets; according to Alphacat, the bot “helps cultivate a scientific and mature investment approach.”

ACE Top Index

The second new addition is the ACE index, which is designed to track a collection of “representative cryptocurrencies” to produce a value. This value is intended for use in comparison with the price movements of individual currencies to better understand their characteristics. Alphacat aims to give its users “a better and more complete profile” of market movements.

ACAT Store

The ACAT store has grown to 54 total listings, with 15 new applications joining the platform over the two week reporting period. Alphacat continues to “welcome more developers and projects” to join the ACAT store. Projects in a wide range of development states, from design concept to populated platform are all encouraged to contact Alphacat for details about listing.

Alphacat’s full progress update can be viewed at the following link: