Alphacat recently updated its ACAT Store to version 1.6, which includes new features and a media page. Alphacat is a robot adviser marketplace powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technologies, focused on cryptocurrencies. The ACAT Store is an application available to investors, which provides exclusive blockchain applications and services. One such service offered is a market forecasting channel that allows users to obtain price forecasts developed by bots that utilize AI to make predictions.

In the ACAT Store update, users are presented with a new section that promotes the most recent events, product updates, and cryptocurrency news. A media section was added to the Store with the following channels: Hot, News, FAQ, and Blog. While this section was added in the v1.6 update, it is expected to open to users in the Store’s next version.

In version 1.6, a “recharge function” for each product has been added. Additionally, on personal user pages, the ‘recharge records’ and ‘purchase history’ functions have been implemented. On this page, ACAT Store users will be able to “check their recharge status, consumption status and remaining service times, at any time.”

Lastly, the ACAT Store cryptocurrency real-time forecasting application has begun to utilize a new service charging system.

Currently, users are able to get three free forecasts per day when they register for an ACAT Store account. Users can register and log into the ACAT Store via mobile browser with the following link:

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